eduOER Application Profile

The eduOER Application Profile extends the IEEE LOM schema in order to cover its needs.Here you can see a eduOER Application Profile visualization.

Element presence importance categories:

  • Mandatory: M
  • Mandatory when applicable: MA
  • Recommended: R
  • Optional: O
Element Role Description Vocabulary M MA R O
UID Unique ID Free-text x
Title - Orig Language LO title in Original Language Free-text x
Title - EN LO title in English Language Free-text x
Description Short description in Original Language Free-text x
Description -EN Short description in English Language Free-text x
Author Author Name Free-text field x
Date of creation Date of Original content creation ISO 8601 date format x
Language Language of the media 2 letter code from ISO 639-1 x
URL to the media URL to the media or to a “naked player”(NO URL to a web-page) URL to the media file or URL to a “Naked player” x
License Open license of the object (CC-BY, CC...) Free-text x
Copyright Owner of the rights Free-text field x
Subject Codes UNESCO or iTunesU subject codes(numeric codes only) UNESCO Codes,iTunesU Codes x
Thumbnail Small picture URL to the picture x
Keywords - Free-text x
Format Audio, Video,... (MIME type) MIME Types on IANA Reg (RFC2048,1998)]( x
Duration Length of the media (seconds) HH:MM:SS x
Provider Original data provider (University of origin) Free-text field x
Complexity Educational Level of the content Complexity codes TBD x